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The other day I was surprised to find that  it is more than seven years since I wrote a thriller. So I wrote another, featuring one Gavin Chance, hero, for want of a more precise word, of Black Fish. Gavin, in case you are interested, is the nephew of a certain Harry Chance, now resident in a home for reprobates in Marbella, and author of a deeply unsuitable book called The Bounder’s Companion.  Gavin has had a past in racing yachts, the police and the army. He was a handy enough racer, but did not make much of a mark in the public services – partly, perhaps, because at that time of his life he had a great enthusiasm for whisky. This tended to twist his worldview, and he spent a lot of time getting into trouble, and even more time trying to get out of it, as  readers of Black Fish will have discovered.

So it is ironic that in Singlehand, the sequel to Black Fish, a Gavin who has cleaned up his act and renounced whisky finds himself working as skipper of a superyacht belonging to an oligarch who plans to take some friends on a tour of the distilleries of Islay. It is hard to see how anything can go wrong. A hijack and a shipwreck later, it is hard to see how anything can go wronger. Not for the first time, Gavin finds himself  lost in a maze of disasters. But the only way out is forwards….

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Black Fish frontBLACK FISH is the story of a difficult passage in the life of Gavin Chance – yacht broker, ex-policeman and gone-to-seed Olympic hopeful. He is being hunted by his ex-wife and his creditors. And even more worryingly, by some representatives of the fishing industry who make their living massacring fish stocks and doing even worse things to people.

It is time for Gavin to go on the run – in a beat-up trawler, on a classic schooner, and in one-design racing yachts built for gentlemen and sailed by gangsters.

When Gavin is on the run, he  usually thinks he is running away from trouble. It is just one of the many flaws in his character that in fact he is generally running towards it…

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