The Marine Quarterly

The Marine Quarterly is a sea journal that reaches places boat magazines don’t. Its job is to remind readers that humans probably evolved in the sea, and still can’t do without it.

It is full of stories by fine writers about the sea, the people who go on it, the ships and boats that sail on it, and the creatures that live in it. It contains  pieces about naval matters, fisheries, trade, heritage, merchant shipping, technology, adventuring, conservation, sea art and sailing. Authors it publishes include Tom Cunliffe, Hilaire Belloc, EB White, Ernest Gann, Basil Lubbock, Webb Chiles, and a host of other seagoing luminaries world famous and as yet undiscovered.

The Marine Quarterly is 112 pages of intelligent sea reading. It is published in a useful pocket size, printed on hefty paper, illustrated with charts, woodcuts and line drawings. It carries no advertising.

It is now entering its eighth year. It has subscribers all around the world. During its brief existence it has come to be widely recognized as the planet’s main source of excellent sea writing.

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