The Sea Garden

It was Tresco that got me started on the sea. Its world-famous Abbey Gardens also got me started on gardens. A mixture of the two impelled me to write this novel.

The Sea Garden is the story of a family who live on an island. It spans a hundred and fifty-odd years. During this time family members were born and fell in love and died. They also created a great and famous garden.

Now it is 2001, and new terraces are being dug. A skeleton comes to light. It quickly becomes apparent that in the Sea Garden – and all others – beauty is only a by-product. Seduction is to do with procreation. Fertility comes from decay. The main business of gardens is sex and death.

“Dazzling…Patrick O’Brian meets Daphne du Maurier – at last!”
The Times

The Malpas Legacy

For three years the Llewellyn family lived in a semi-detached castle on a crag above Southern Ireland’s Blackwater River, a place that inhabits a special space somewhere between truth and fiction. There are many stories about the people who live on this huge, mysterious waterway. In the Malpas Legacy, I have invented a river of my own: a dark river, set about with great crumbling houses, inhabited by people who have lived in isolation for so long that they can hardly remember how the normal world functions. It is a river wound about with secrets. Some of them are mildly interesting to the historian. Others, buried in locked minds and long-lost libraries, are a matter of life and death.
Particularly death.

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